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We hope you will join us. Even though we do not know each other yet, we share a common experience that has shaped our lives. It is healing to be with others who understand. Many of us have never had that experience before.

If you decide to join us here is information to consider:

You will be asked to request membership and to make an introductory post. Don't fret about the request for membership - you will be accepted if you are an adoptee. So think about what you want to say. Make it clear that you are: adopted, part of the triad or a researcher. 
Things you might consider: What prompted you to join a support group, Have you searched for your b-family?, Are you in reunion with your b-family, How is it going?, Anything that you want to tell us about yourself? We know it can be very scary talking about yourself with people you don't know. Before you make your introductory post, you will be able to read the introductions of others - so do what is comfortable and leave it at that.

After you have logged in you will need to set up your account. This includes picking a Forum Username and creating an Avatar/Photo. Your Username will be how you are known to others on the forum. Examples: Marys_Child, DavidH, etc. Your Avatar can be a photo, or it can be created using available tools to show a drawing of a person. Photos do not have to be of yourself. They can be anything you want. Both your Username and your Avatar will allow others to identify you and will be shown on all your posts.

When you are ready click on the JOIN US button, it will take you to the Forum sign-in page.

Click on the registration button on the far right (see picture on the left. Enter your Username and Password.
You will be able to see public part of the Forum.
Hope to see you on the Forum.


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